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Yearly Tax Planning is essential to Financial Freedom, dont let your chance to reach it sail away...

You see… If youre a Business Owner, High Income Earning Employee, and or Real Estate Investor looking to protect your wealth so that you can live the life youve dreamed of, our Year-Round Tax Planning Service will get you there ASAP. Dont waste anymore time and money

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You've already done so much to protect your money, but you may still be needlessly losing thousands by overpaying on taxes

And needlessly putting your financial freedom goals years away.

This problem is even worse for you rental property owners, as many of you invested a substantial amount to become owners, with the hope  shortening your route to financial freedom. This is very hard to achieve if you are constantly having to give away a large chunks of your income.

In reality, keeping all of that lost money is simply a matter of knowing tax law, and making wise tax decisions, so sadly many pay where they don’t have to.

And paying too much money isnt even the biggest looming danger!

With the US government passing a law in early 2023 that will allow the IRS  to hire over 30000 employees over the next 2 years, being audited is a bigger threat than ever before. This has made doing your own taxes like using a poorly drawn map to navigate a treacherous jungle.

If you are a Business Owner or a Professional in a demanding career, and if you add to that a Real Estate Investor, you already have to manage way too much. How could you possibly find the time to study all the details of your taxes yourself?

So you don’t have time to do all the research necessary to get it perfectly right, but if you do it wrong, you lose tons of hard earned cash, or worse, jail time!

How do you handle this issue? Many think to hire a tax specialist (which in most cases is an accountant) to leave it in the hands of a professional.

On the surface, this seems like a good enough idea, but as many have experienced…

This Can Quickly Become A Problem

The Problems That Arise:

 Yearly Tax Planning is what you need to save the rest, its essential to Financial Freedom!

 When entrusting your tax info to someone, you are trusting them with your hard earned money, and just hoping that theyll take care of you correctly.

By far, the most common complaint about tax specialists these days is that they are very unresponsive. They simply are NOT dedicated to making their clients feel taken care of. They will take your tax prep info, and the only other time you hear from them is when you have to pay them, sort of like a vending machine.

And were just talking about accountants getting hired for tax prep, imagine if you need help the rest of the year! 

If you do HAPPEN to find an accountant that offers this service, it becomes even more clear how unacceptable this unresponsiveness is.

You cant even count on them for the one thing they were hired to do, give you constant advice that will protect your money!

Indeed, many have not felt taken care of at all by their accountant or tax planner (that they’re paying tons of money to by the way – tax planning is an expensive service).

Why do so many tax specialists drop the ball in these areas?

The simple fact is, most accountants and tax planners are so unresponsive because they simply CAN’T help with more than a tax return.

Most times, they wouldn’t know what to say to you.

It’s easy to become a accountant, it’s difficult to know the ins and outs of tax law, which is essential knowledge if they’d want to protect the maximum amount of their client’s money in either yearly planning or tax prep.

Frankly most accountants simply CANNOT offer this kind of knowledge and support. They just learn enough to get by, just enough to do your tax return, then out the door you go. Leaving their clients despicably underserved.

Because of the limited knowledge of the average accountant, their clients get shortchanged, only getting a fraction of their money with their yearly planning, and even getting far less back on their tax return than they should receive.

Many will never know how much of their own hard earned cash they missed out on, due to this misplaced trust.

This is the long road to financial freedom my friends, the unnecessarily long and honestly uncertain road to financial freedom.

You don’t want this,

You want financial freedom as soon and as hassle free as possible…

And you want someone guiding you to this financial freedom, someone that makes you feel taken care of

This Is Where I Can Help

Grant Dougherty, EA, MBA

My name is Grant Dougherty, and I’m a Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent

who knows all too well how frustrating it can be to find good tax help.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of clients that have time and again been cheated out of their money on both fronts, overpaying an unhelpful tax specialist while losing out on thousands of dollars due to the lack of the specialists support.

That’s why I dedicate most of my waking hours to learning the ins and outs of tax law. I go far above and beyond the necessary info to just give you a basic tax return. I study every detail of tax law, versing myself even in areas most tax specialists shy away from due to its difficulty.

I study this hard because I’m obsessed with taxes, and because I’m dedicated to advising my clients to keep as much profit as possible, while making sure they feel well taken care of.

I know how valuable even the usually overlooked details of tax law are, when it comes to protecting my clients money.

At the end of the day, the more knowledgeable you are about tax law, the more money you can save your clients, and the more secure they can be that their money will be safe.

So unlike your average tax planner, I strive to know how to advise every concern, no matter how obscure.

Even the free advice I give on my social media account has benefited thousands.

Take a look at what some have to say about my advice:

I’m thankful for the platform I have to give this advice that has helped so many, but my real passion is personally helping people keep as much of their money as possible, through 101 yearly tax planning and preparation.

All this knowledge I’ve accumulated gets put to use, helping them save in ways they wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Now, many know the value of professional tax prep, but why tax planning?

Why invest large sums of money in advice?

For one, tax planning is absolutely essential to achieving financial freedom!

Building wealth quickly primarily involves losing as little money as possible.

Many are surprised at how the tiniest tax decision made incorrectly could result in the biggest missed saving opportunity.

These bad decisions and subsequent losses throughout the year add up, shaving off a significant portion of your wealth.

Add those low return years up, and that’s many unnecessary years added to your journey to the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

In order to avoid this, all your financial planning and day to day tax related decision making needs the guidance of a very knowledgeable professional (read that as the professional most equipped to get you to financial freedom the quickest). 

I want to be your professional,

I want to help you become Financially Free

while you experience the peace of mind knowing youre safe from the IRS, and your tax professional is always on standby

Heres how planning would work with me:

This is just an overview of course, there are many other things we can do for you.

Your care would be tailored to be as simple as possible for you and your unique tax situation, this would be determined on our one on one calls.

While I wouldn’t be able to detail everything you as an individual would need to receive from us here, there are a few things I can guarantee youll receive from me even before talking to you…

Let’s talk about how you benefit

Full Access – Working with me means you can reach out as much as you want for all your tax related concerns, and you will get a timely  answer

 Maximum Cashflow Education – I will teach you everything you need to know to save as much as possible, including little known strategies that will save you far more than your average accountant

Guaranteed peace of mind (Freedom from trouble with the IRS ) – You will be able to enjoy your large returns with true peace of mind. As a certified EA, I can vouch on your behalf to the IRS should the need arise

Guaranteed Accuracy – I stand by my personal guarantee that your tax documents will be completely accurate, giving you more reason to be worry free at the end of the tax year

Thorough Coverage – I will comb every aspect of your tax situation with you, even normally overlooked details, to be sure that no money that belonging to you is left on the table

These are the things my clients count on me to achieve for them

But don’t just take my word for it

Here's what my clients are saying about my services

They feel this way because my number one concern is making sure my clients feel taken care of.

They always have access to me, and never feel like they have to make any tax related decision without professional guidance.

If you decide to work with me, you can carry out your affairs in life with the peace of mind that Uncle Sam gets his money, but only what he absolutely needs from you.

Meanwhile you pocket thousand of dollars of your hard earned income, to set up a bright future for yourself and your family.

Imagine: not only will you be stress free at the end of the tax year, youll also be receiving greater returns on your income than you’ve ever received before.

What will you do with your extra money and Freedom?

Take more trips to exotic parts of the world... maybe some you’ve been dying to develop property on?

Spend more time with your Kids and Grandkids, not just affording them more experiences, but also a solid financial nest egg for the future?

Maybe it's just more time on the golf course, now with the surplus to buy lessons that you know will make you a legend on the green

These are the opportunities my clients have access to when they work with me year round

saving more money than they ever thought possible with a devoted and responsive tax specialist, as mentioned by some of my previous clients here:

This is your opportunity to enjoy the same successes as my clients mentioned above

Who is Year Round Tax Planning right for?

Who is Year Round Tax Planning NOT right for?

Tax Planning is an Investment, so we want to work with people who understand the value of making a significant investment now, for a even greater financial future.

We also want to ENSURE high returns on investment for each of our clients. We can only guarantee this if they are able to meet a certain base level of income.

Do you not fit into this criteria? No worries, you can still receive a large return by having me do a one time filing of your taxes.

But if you do fit into this criteria…

Dont wait to make this investment, the earlier you start your tax plan, the sooner you can achieve your Financial Freedom!

Ultimately, everyone should be trying to save as much as possible with a tax professional

But because of the dodgy accountants and tax planners we mentioned earlier, its understandable that some don’t.

How could they be sure the extra money they’re investing in this year-round service will actually result in them getting as much of their money as possible?

What it boils down to, is who you choose to do this service for you.

Can you trust that they will really take care of you?

These clients testify that investing in me will get you the maximum money you could have, and that you will certainly feel taken care of, as a valued yearly client:


The time to take back more of your money is now!

If reaching Financial Freedom as quickly as possible while being peacefully legal trouble free is something you’ve wanted, this is your opportunity to secure that. Don’t let it pass you.

I want to help you reach the financial freedom that I’ve helped bring to countless others, but the simple fact is…

we are limited in the amount of yearly clients we can take on

We keep the amount to a minimum in order to ensure that each client is getting maximum quality service,

So as you can understand, this is a service you want to act quickly on.

There is so much opportunity to save this year. With some of the right tax related decisions, financial freedom could possibly be only a few months away from you.

Lets not wait to find out

Work with us now, and let us make you feel fully taken care of!

Frequently Asked Questions

We Start with projections – well look at all aspects of your tax situation to estimate how much youll be able to save that year, looking at things such as 401ks, business expenses, tax liability, etc.

After determining tax liability, we work with all the tools in our arsenal to bring your liability down, including strategies that are relatively unknown and overlooked by the vast majority of other tax specialists. The goal is to bring your liability to incredible lows

Year Round Tax Planning is best suited for Business Owners, High Income earning Employees, and or Real Estate Investors, who make at least 250K per year. This group stands to gain the biggest returns for the investment they make in our services 

Please click on the button at the top of this page that says “Tax Preparation – I just want a one time filing”

This will direct you to the page where you can purchase a one time tax filing 

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